Bay View Wine Bar

Bay View wine bar

Maybe you have heard of gluten free dishes, our Bob burgers and our dinner for two, but did you realize we also have an exceptional wine bar? Our Bay View wine bar features our hand-picked choices that pair well with any meal. Not sure what to choose? Let us help you. We will pair our favorite wines with any dish you choose.  Our wine bar menu changes seasonally, so please view our latest menu posted just below. We do sell our wine by the bottle to go right from the restaurant. So if you are looking to try another kind, you can. Just simply order the bottle (or case) to go! We are not just a Bay View wine bar and restaurant, we offer many top of line cocktails, mocktails and handcrafted beverages. You can see our cocktail list here.

We pride ourselves in our knowledge of our wine selection, so ask any questions while you visit. We hope you enjoy your time at our Bay View wine bar as well as your dining experience. Contact us for more information about using our space to hold your events and incorporate your favorite wines into the experience.