Lazy Susan Dinner for Two – Bay View

Every Wednesday we offer a four course meal for $50/Couple. For the Lazy Susan Dinner for Two- Reservations are recommended, please indicate if you’re dinning the dinner for two menu when calling. Don’t forget to  Sign up for our mailing list  and have it delivered to your email every Monday!

Always Gluten Free! 

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Dinner For Two (GF)-
Dec 4, 2019

$50/Couple Call 414-988-7086 for reservations or book online-

Course One (Each)
Brandied Mushroom Soup
Mirepoix, cremeni mushrooms, fresh thyme and cream

Course Two (Shared)
Blood Orange and Fennel Salad
Shaved Fennel, Blood Oranges, Arugula, Pistachios and White Balsamic Vinaigrette

Course Three (Shared)
French Canadian Christmas Meat Pie
Butter Crust, ground pork, onions, and potatoes,nutmeg, cinnamon and allspice served with cranberry mustard

Course Four (Each)
Chocolate Mousse

Dinner For Two (GF)-
Nov 27, 2019

$50/Couple Call 414-988-7086 for reservations or book online-

I love the holidays. One of my favorite times of the year is this week, Thanksgiving. Every year I invite neighbors, family, staff and friend’s to Lazy Susan and I make the turkeys and a few sides everyone brings a little something and we have a great meal together. I will keep this one short and sweet, if you don’t want to cook Wednesday because you will be all day Thursday, then come on in this week for dinner for two. We will stop dinner at 8, and celebrate Drinksgiving with some great drink specials, and some snacks.

Course One (Shared)
Rosemary, leek and butternut squash flatbread with roasted garlic cream sauce

Course Two (Shared)
Roasted cauliflower, kale  and apple salad
Maple Mustard dressing, and red onions

Course Three ( Each)
Sea Bass
Pan seared sea bass, blood orange buerre blanc, braised fennel, spinach and root puree

Course Four (Each)
Candied ginger creme’ brulee

Dinner For Two (GF)-
Nov 20, 2019

$50/Couple Call 414-988-7086 for reservations or book online-

Looking at years past, for some odd reason this particular week always had some sort of British theme. This morning I was craving pasty’s as I was paging through “Sunday’s at the Moosewood Restaurant”. I often page through all my cook books while drinking coffee on Mondays looking for inspiration for our weekly Wednesday menus. And seeing a their version of the pasty, I could not resist but to make my own. Enjoy.

Course One (Each)
Parsnip and Cheddar Soup-
Parsnips, Cheddar, and herbs with cream.

Course Two (Shared)
Shaved Brussel Sprout Salad
Shaved Brussels, hot cider bacon dressing, apples and onions

Course Three ( Each)
Lazy Cornish Pasty
Buttery Crust, beef, rutabaga, carrots, onions and potatoes
with Ketchup if you wish!

Course Four (shared)
Cranberry Orange Cheese Cake
Peacan Crust, orange and cranberry filling, Sugared Cranberries

Dinner For Two (GF)-
Nov 13, 2019

$50/Couple Call 414-988-7086 for reservations or book online-

Always Gluten Free, But please specify if you have a gluten allergy when you reserve.

Course One (Shared)
Caramelized Leek Tart
Buttery crust, slow cooked leeks, thyme

Course Two (Shared)
Pickled Beet Salad
Pickled beets, sheep and cow gorgonzola cheese, dried cherries, cashews, red onions

Course Three ( Each)
Lamb Stew
Slow cooked lamb shoulder, herbs, parsnips, salsify,  and butter nut squash

Poached Pears (Each)
Honey and Spice Poached Pears, Vanilla Scented Lebneh

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We change the menu every week for the Lazy Susan Dinner for two. We always use the freshest of ingredients and you just never know what will be coming next! Check back often!

Also be sure to try Korean Fried Chicken Thursdays  also Gluten Free!

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