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Every Wednesday we offer a four course meal for $50/Couple. For the Lazy Susan Dinner for Two- Reservations are recommended, please indicate if you’re dinning the dinner for two menu when calling. Don’t forget to  Sign up for our mailing list  and have it delivered to your email every Monday!

Always Gluten Free! 

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Dinner For Two Wednesday 3-11-2020: The return of Skrei Cod and Basil.

Four Courses, Gluten Free for $50/Couple
Call 414-988-7086 for reservations or
Please specify dinner for two in your reservation

It is that time of year for the Norwegian delicacy Skrei cod. Known as “the Norwegian Miracle,” the name “Skrei” comes from old Norse word for “the wanderer.” One of Norway’s first exports, its annual arrival enabled people to inhabit far north areas of Norway when other food wasn’t available. Also known as the “Valentine’s Fish” as a Skrei has prepared its whole life to make epic swim through Arctic waters to meet its mate at the spawning grounds where it is finally harvested. I love this fish, and enjoy preparing it for you. Besides this fish, we also have another focus for dinner for two: basil.
Deer Creek where my children attend has a pretty cool Science teacher. He happens to have a pretty neat indoor growing system set up.  They grow a lot of basil, and it gets passed on to me. So, with three pounds or so of basil at hand, here is this week’s dinner for two.
Course one (Shared)
Roasted Garlic and burrata bread with fresh basil and pomegranate molasses, and EVOO

Course Two (Shared)
Arugula salad with mangoes, red onion, cucumber and basil vinnigrette

Course Three (Each)
Poached Skrei cod, basil tarragon aoli, and roasted fennel

Course Four
Lemon basil yogurt cake, blueberry compote and cream anglaise

Dinner For Two- Sara’s Birthday Edition March 4, 2020

Four Courses, Gluten Free for $50/Couple
Call 414-988-7086 for reservations or
Please specify dinner for two in your reservation

Course one (Shared)
Classic Shrimp Cocktail
Jumbo poached shrimp, remoulade and cocktail sauce

Course Two (Each)
Spinach and Artichoke Soup
Artichokes, spinach, Lemon, Toasted Garlic Crumbs

Course Three (Each)
Pickle Brined Chicken
Pickle brined, breaded and fried arline chicken breast, 3 cheese mac and cheese, warm red cabbage slaw, chipolte honey

Course Four
Confetti Cake
Confetti laced almond cake
Swiss Meringue Buttercream

Dinner For Two 2/26/2020

Boy, we once again have a lot going on at lazy Susan. Busy I am, days off are slim, and a ton to plan for the next few months. Five wines classes will start up again in April. Dates should be out by beginning of March. Eric is hosting a lovley wine tasting with our friend Enjoli from Select Cellars on March 10.It’s a great way to enjoy and learn about some awesome biodynamic and interesting farming practices of Gassier. (They farm with the moon!)   And we have our annual Irish Dinner happening on March 17th. I can;’t believe it’s almost March! Ill stop here. This week we have nice seafood dinner for two and just a reminder, we offer gluten free fish fry every Friday.

Course one (Shared)
Root Vegetable latkes with pear chutney and horseradish yogurt

Course Two (Shared)
Sundried Tomato Ceasar Salad
Romaine, sundried tomato Ceasar dressing, herb croutons and Parmesan

Course Three (Each)
Seafood Stew
Rich stew of cod, mussels, shrimp, and scallops with a fennel and lobster broth

Course Four (Each)
Espresso Brulee

Dinner For Two 2/19/2020

This week I have been craving Asian flavors. Last Tuesday, I took my daughter on a little trip to Chicago’s Chinatown. We spent the day tooling around eating and window shopping. This gave me some inspiration for this week’s dinner for two. Enjoy.
Dinner for two is always gluten free and is four courses for $50.00/couple. Call 414-988-7086 for reservations or to make reservations online:
Please specify dinner for two in your reservation.

Course one (Each)
Sweet and Sour Boccoli
Lightly battered and fried florets with tangy sweet and sour sauce and sticky rice

Course Two (Shared)
Sesame Tuna Salad
Seared sesame tuna, oranges, avocado, radish, greens and ginger dressing

Course Three (Each)
Dan Dan Duck Noodles
A Lazy version of the Sichuan style noodle dish with ground duck, peanuts, sichuan peppercorns, cilantro, chili oil, scallions and carrot noodles (spicy flavorful, a touch hot but approachable)

Course Four (Shared)
Chinese Five Spice Chocolate Truffles

We change the menu every week for the Lazy Susan Dinner for two. We always use the freshest of ingredients and you just never know what will be coming next! Check back often!

Also be sure to try Korean Fried Chicken Thursdays  also Gluten Free!

  Lazy Susan dinner for two             Lazy Susan dinner for two       Lazy Susan dinner for two