Lazy Susan MKE is a casual fine dining establishment located on the corners of Smith Street and Howell Avenue in Milwaukee’s hip Bay View neighborhood. Lazy Susan MKE serves a rotating eclectic mix of plates. Our focus is to bring dinner back to the table by sharing a meal with friends, family, and co-workers. We are members of Braise RSA, and support local farms and local purveyors. Our menu always has great selections for vegans, vegetarians, meat eaters and those who seek gluten free options. Our eight seat bar, friendly bartenders, and staff as well as varied menu, can accommodate even the solo diner. We have options for everyone. We are currently not open for inside dining but please call us to reserve our pick up meals in advance. We look forward to when you can dine inside and also book online. What’s here today may be gone tomorrow!

News and Upcoming Events

We are taking the COVID-19 situation very seriously. We are committed to ensuring our staff is taking extra steps keeping themselves and our facilities safe using only the best and most recommended practices.

The safety of our staff and customers is our number one priority. We understand the need to stay home and remain distant from public events and places. That being said, we have suspended service in the restaurant until further notice and are offering carry out menus during the week for you to choose from.

Thank you for your patience, understanding.

***Restaurant Bonds***
Support restaurants which support their employees
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Five Wines Cooking Series
We are starting up classes again! 
Posting our next event soon!

How to order:
All orders can be picked up at our order window at your scheduled pick up time.

All orders are pre-order only. You can order any day prior up until 6P.M the day before that specific menu.

We make limited quantities, so order early. Ex: Order fish fry on Tuesday, Wednesday meals on Monday and so forth. 

Orders are only accepted when we are staffed to answer the phones. This week you can call orders in Monday from 1P.M- 5PM, Tuesday from 1P.M- 5P.M, Wednesday- Thursday from 1P.M- 7P.M.

Call 414-988-7086 to place and order.

Vacation Closure
This past winter we had made the decision to be closed the week of the 4th. Every year since we had been open, July has been the worst month on the books. So finally I was like “Ok, let’s do this”. Well fast forward to now,things are soo much different.  As much as I need the little bit of service a few days/week, we all need a bit of a break here. So we are taking some time off. We just got our patio approved. So we are going to be working on that soon, and our point of sale system will be here next week. So we may be taking some additional days off for training and other odds and ends. 

In the meantime, we would like your feedback on our own Lazy Susan survey. 
See you after the holiday!


Pickup Window and Payment As much as we love your company, the front door is officially closed.  All orders will be fulfilled from the side window on Smith St. (signs will be posted).  All menu items are tax included.  Credit card over the phone only, and cash at the window if arrangements have been made over the phone.  Please bear with us, we don’t always know the availability of our suppliers and will hopefully be able to serve all of the demand.

Beer and Wine Options
We selling our unopened beer and wine also with some deals that we are working on.  Inquire when you call in your order.

Future Menus All future menus will be posted though email and social media.  We have a lot of creative people here coming up with new ideas and ways to serve you during this time and keep everyone safe at the same time. Please be patient, we are trying as best as we can.

What we are doing to take care of our staff
We had an all staff meeting today to discuss our options and voted what is best for the business and it’s employees.  Some are considering taking a voluntary layoff to be able to collect unemployment and others are taking decrease in hours/wages.  To offset lost wages/tips all staff have agreed to a base wage of $7.75 and will split all tips from take-out orders daily.  The goal is to be able to keep as much of our great staff as possible and let them earn enough to get through this comfortably.  (Unemployment sucks and is back logged at this point) 

At this point, I have no idea what will happen. I could shut my doors down, This may kill us. But like the band in the Titanic, we will go until we sink AND THE DAMN SHIP HAS NOT SUNK, AND BY GOD (I HATE USING GOD) BUT FOR FOR SAKES (I REALLY WANT TO USE THE “F” WORD)  I’LL DO WHAT I CAN SO IT DOES NOT.

See you all for a glass of rose’ on the flip side. 


Weekday Specials

Wednesday - Dinner 4 2

Dinner  4  2

Thursday - Korean Fried Chicken

Korean Fried Chicken

Lazy Susan Events