Lazy Susan MKE is a casual fine dining establishment located on the corners of Smith Street and Howell Avenue in Milwaukee’s hip Bay View neighborhood. Lazy Susan MKE serves a rotating eclectic mix of plates. Our focus is to bring dinner back to the table by sharing a meal with friends, family, and co-workers. We are members of Braise RSA, and support local farms and local purveyors. Our menu always has great selections for vegans, vegetarians, meat eaters and those who seek gluten free options. Our eight seat bar, friendly bartenders, and staff as well as varied menu, can accommodate even the solo diner. We have options for everyone. Pop in, or call us for reservations. You can also book online now. We would love to have you over for dinner. What’s here today may be gone tomorrow!

News and Upcoming Events

A new temporary direction for Lazy Susan and updates:

***Restaurant Bonds***
Support restaurants which support their employees
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Five Wines Cooking Series
All ‘Five Wines’ classes have been postponed until further notice.  We are excited to bring them back when this all blows over.

Pickup menu for this Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (3/25-3/29)

All orders will be done though our pickup window, and MUST be ordered by speaking with someone over the phone, no voicemail orders.  Orders can be placed by phone after 1PM daily.  We will be taking cash only at the window and credit over the phone if you need to pay by credit (cash is preferred).  All tax is included in the price so no worries about weird change, we did the math for you

Wednesday 3/25
Bob’s Burger Night
1/3 Pound Angus Patty Burger and Fries $13
-What’s The Worcestershire That Could Happen Burger (comes with Worcestershire onions and cheddar)
-Nice Guys Spinach last (Comes with spinach, bacon, and artichoke dip)
– The Final Kraut Down (comes with kraut, swiss and bistro sauce)
– The Absentee Shallot Burger (Comes with peppercorn shallot mayo)

Thursday 3/26
Lazy Fried Chicken Dinner (Probably can feed 2)
Four piece (Breast, leg, wing and thigh) Brined, butter milked, floured and fried twice, mac and cheese, kale slaw $20 

Friday 3/27:
Cod Fish Fry, House Cole Slaw and Tartar Sauce, Potato Pancakes, house made Applesauce, and a Lemon Bar.  (GLUTEN FREE)  $20
Clam Chowder (GF)  12oz  $5
ALL fish fry orders MUST be in by 7pm Thursday night so we can place an accurate fresh fish order.  Pick up times will be discussed when you call to ensure freshly fried fish.  We only have one phone line, so be patient and call back if you can.

Saturday 3/28:
Lazy Pasta
Lazy Susan hand made gluten free pasta, choice of sauce, green salad, espresso brownie
– Lamb Ragu
-Cauliflower Bologanaise (Veg)

Sunday 3/29 Pick up between 9:30 am and 11:30 am on Sunday
Take Home Lazy Brunch
4 biscuits
1 Pint of sausage gravy
1 doz eggs (you cook, not us)
1# lazy Susan pancake mix with mix instructions (You just need buttermilk and butter)
 Call Saturday by 7pm to place your order

Pickup Window and Payment As much as we love your company, the front door is officially closed.  All orders will be fulfilled from the side window on Smith St. (signs will be posted).  All menu items are tax included.  Credit card over the phone only, and cash at the window if arrangements have been made over the phone.  Please bear with us, we don’t always know the availability of our suppliers and will hopefully be able to serve all of the demand.

Beer and Wine Options
We selling our unopened beer and wine also with some deals that we are working on.  Inquire when you call in your order.

Future Menus All future menus will be posted though email and social media.  We have a lot of creative people here coming up with new ideas and ways to serve you during this time and keep everyone safe at the same time. Please be patient, we are trying as best as we can.

What we are doing to take care of our staff
We had an all staff meeting today to discuss our options and voted what is best for the business and it’s employees.  Some are considering taking a voluntary layoff to be able to collect unemployment and others are taking decrease in hours/wages.  To offset lost wages/tips all staff have agreed to a base wage of $7.75 and will split all tips from take-out orders daily.  The goal is to be able to keep as much of our great staff as possible and let them earn enough to get through this comfortably.  (Unemployment sucks and is back logged at this point) 

At this point, I have no idea what will happen. I could shut my doors down, This may kill us. But like the band in the Titanic, we will go until we sink AND THE DAMN SHIP HAS NOT SUNK, AND BY GOD (I HATE USING GOD) BUT FOR FOR SAKES (I REALLY WANT TO USE THE “F” WORD)  I’LL DO WHAT I CAN SO IT DOES NOT.

See you all for a glass of rose’ on the flip side. 


Wednesday thru Friday from 5-7. $9.00 burgers, half price select dishes, and BYGO half off beer, house cocktails and glasses of wine.

THURSDAY 10.00 off all bottles of wine

Private Parties

LATE NGHT HAPPY HOUR on Fridays and Saturdays: From 9-close. Half price select wine glass pours at the bar.

New Brunch Hours!
Sunday’s we are open at 9 a.m

Weekday Specials

Wednesday - Dinner 4 2

Dinner  4  2

Thursday - Korean Fried Chicken

Korean Fried Chicken

Lazy Susan Events