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Menus for 11/18-11/20 

Pre-order Menu. Orders can be placed by calling 414-988-7086. Tuesdays from 1-5pm, Wednesdays from 1-7pm, Thursdays from 1-7pm. Limited quantities, so please order in advance to ensure your meal.

*Effective 7/29/2020 a 20% service charge that includes gratuity will be added to your bill.

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1. ALL ORDERS ARE PRE-ORDER. We close orders the day before at 7pm. Sometimes, when we have a slower week you can call the day of and get a meal.(not a guarantee, so don’t wait to order) Please don’t be angry with us if you call on Wednesday for Wednesday and we can’t accommodate you. We are operating on an ever so thin margin right now, that I only order what I need for the orders we have. You can call 414-988-7086 to place an order Tuesdays 1-5, Wednesdays 1-7, Thursdays 1-7. You can leave a message also, and we will call you back. And you can email orders to lazyreservations@gmail.com. We also need a name, phone number and pick up time with your order. 
2. PICK UP: 
Curbside orders: 

Pre-pay over the phone for curbside, 988-7086 when you arrive and we will run it our to your car. We may also ask you make/color/ model too.
Coming Inside:( LIMIT 4 PEOPLE AT ONCE)
Enter through the front door, please use the hand sanitizer located directly to the left of the door I shouldn’t have to tell you at this point to wear a mask, BUT wear a mask. We will have pick up spots open for you to stand. Once your order is complete and you are paid exit through the doors in the lower dining area We also have sanitizer located outside the bathroom doors if you want to sanitize again before you go. We will also take pre-pay orders,  if you wish over the phone, to expedite everyone inside. 

Wednesday Dinner for Two (Gluten free)
$50/couple or $25/single orders
Order Tuesday Nov 17th from 1-5pm
*A 20% service charge that includes gratuity will now be added to your bill.

ABrandy Mushroom Soup

Butternut Squash Latkes with apple, fennel relish

Smoked Duck Breast, Savory bread pudding with corn, thyme and shallots, maple glazed brussel Sprouts, jus

Cherry Pie Bar


Thursday Vegan Dinner For Two (Gluten Free) 
$40/couple or $20 Single Orders Summer 
Order Tues Nov 17th from 1-5pm or Wed Nov 18th from 1-7pm
*A 20% service charge that includes gratuity will now be added to your bill.

 Roasted Beet Dip with grilled Flatbread

Quinoa Salad with pomegranates ,pomegranate reduction mint, parsley, scallions and pumpkin seeds, and micro greens

Butternut Squash polenta with Wild Mushroom and Kale Stew

Carmel Apple Blondie Bars

This menu is vegan, gluten free, NUT FREE and coconut FREE
Friday (Gluten Free)

Order Tues Nov 17th from 1-5pm, Wed Nov 18th from 1-7pm or Thurs Nov 19th 1-7pm.

*A 20% service charge that includes gratuity will now be added to your bill.

Lazy Hot Chicken Sandwich (Gluten Free with a Gluten Free BUN please specify as we have protcols to avoid cross contamination)

Country Style Fried Chicken breast, lettuce, tomato, house sweet pickles with hot mayo on a toasted bun with Southern Sweet Potato Salad and Butterscotch Banana Blondie $20
Lazy Thanksgiving Pie/Cake Sale
ALL Pies are PRE-PAY. Gluten Free Pies will be baked on a Separate day to avoid cross contamination. 

Pick up on Wednesday 11/25 from 5-7pm

Over 100 pies sold. I really wasn't expecting that.  So with that pie sales are closed. I am grateful. Our pie sale helped cover payroll for the week were closed due to Covid. I have learned more so  then ever that the ability to adapt at a moments notice is key right now. 
We are now offering cocktails to go. 

We are bringing back some favorites like the beetnik, and many more. We originally thought this wasn't going to last as long as it had, and saving the stock seamed like the thing to do so we didn't have a giant re-ordering bill, but now, just sitting on product, seams a bit silly. Ask Eric when calling what we have this week (I think it is the Beetnik)

Lazy Susan MKE is a casual fine dining establishment located on the corners of Smith Street and Howell Avenue in Milwaukee’s hip Bay View neighborhood. Lazy Susan MKE serves a rotating eclectic mix of plates. Our focus is to bring dinner back to the table by sharing a meal with friends, family, and co-workers. We are members of Braise RSA, and support local farms and local purveyors. Our menu always has great selections for vegans, vegetarians, meat eaters and those who seek gluten free options. We are currently not open for inside dining but please call us to reserve our pick up meals in advance. We look forward to when you can dine inside and also book online. What’s here today may be gone tomorrow!

Pre-order Weekly Menus

All orders are picked up at our pick up window on Smith Street. All orders are pre-order. Check out this week’s menu here! This helps with staffing, waste, and accurate ordering of product needed. 

Orders can be placed by calling 414-988-7086 Tuesdays from 1-5pm, Wednesdays from 1-7pm, Thursdays from 1-7pm. try not to leave a voicemail.

You can email orders at anytime or day to lazyreservations@gmail.com Please include your name, number, order and pick. You can order any day ahead. Generally we close orders at 7pm the day before. We have been getting better at having a little extra some days, but I place all orders the day before and we generally prep most and cook the day of for you.  And we do have limits on how much we make, so don’t wait!

Effective 7/29/2020 a 20% service charge that includes gratuity will now be added to your bill.

Safety is our priority

We are taking the COVID-19 situation very seriously. We are committed to ensuring our staff is taking extra steps keeping themselves and our facilities safe using only the best and most recommended practices.

The safety of our staff and customers is our number one priority. We understand the need to stay home and remain distant from public events and places. That being said, we have suspended service in the restaurant until further notice and are offering carry out menus during the week for you to choose from.

***Restaurant Bonds***
Support restaurants which support their employees
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Five Wines Cooking Series
We are starting up classes again! 
Posting our next event soon!

Beer and Wine Options
We selling our unopened beer and wine also with some deals that we are working on.  Inquire when you call in your order.

See you all for a glass of rose’ on the flip side.